23 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional

"As we step into this season of Thanksgiving, let's embrace the wonderful practice of giving thanks to the Lord.  For the next 23 days, we wholeheartedly invite you to partake in our special devotional series, using each day's reflection to remind and inspire us to express our heartfelt thanks to the LORD."

23 Days Of Thanksgiving Devotional


Let's start today by giving thanks to God, as it serves as a powerful means to acknowledge blessings, discover inner peace, and nurture humility and contentment in one's life.

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Give Thanks : The Enduring Goodness of God
Joyfully Come Before His Presence With Thanksgiving
Thank The LORD For His Righteousness
The Amazing Connecting Between Giving and Thanksgiving to God
Wholehearted Thankfulness: God is Good
Joyfully Come Before His Presence With Thanksgiving
Abounding In Thanksgiving
Living Out Our Thanksgiving
Offering A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Reflections on the Holiness of God
Taking Time Out For Thanksgiving
Living A Thankworthy Life, Through Challenges
Dancing Through the Clouds of Heaviness
Dancing Through the Clouds of Heaviness
A Reflection on God's Nearness and His Wonderous Works
A Grateful Heart: From "Once Was" to a Living Testimony
Lessons From Daniel's Thankful Heart
Grateful Living and Daily Provisions
Sincere Thanksgiving Beyond Words
Never Ending Thanks: Amen to Amen
Recounting God's Faithfulness
Thankful Ripples: Comfort and Strength
A Life Infused with Joyful Thanksgiving

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