Building an Authentic Christian Women Community

Are you feeling lost in your faith, uncertain about how to navigate a successful Christian life? Join Dana as she passionately uplifts Christian women, offering comfort to those in need, edification to the weak, and strength to the body of Christ. Together, with Dana's insightful exhortations, we can undoubtedly ignite transformative change within hearts, communities, and even nations.

Exhortations for Today Podcast is Available

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Listen to and subscribe to the Exhortations for Today, which is available on a variety of major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and IHeartRadio. Please inform a friend so that we can grow our community. The Christian life is not to be lived in isolation but in community. Together, let's work to create a group of women who encourage and support one another as we live lives that reflect God and his son Jesus Christ. 

About The Host

Dana Everett is the creator of A Deeper Call Prayer Journal, a woman of faith and the host of the uplifting podcast, Exhortations for Today, Dana's primary goal is to empower women with a profound and intimate connection to Jesus. In a world marked by brokenness and pain, Dana is dedicated to providing encouragement to Christian women. When she's not engrossed in her mission, you can often find Dana savoring her favorite coffee, cherishing precious moments with her four grandchildren, or pursuing her passion for sewing.

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