The Tender Mercies of God

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Lamentations 3:22 It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately needed a helping hand? Perhaps you were overwhelmed by a never-ending task, feeling like you were drowning in a sea of responsibilities. It could have been a daunting work assignment that seemed to have no end in sight, a favor for a friend that kept piling up, or a mountain of holiday chores that seemed to multiply by the minute. The weight of these burdens can be suffocating, leaving us exhausted and yearning for relief.

But let me tell you about the tender mercies of God. It's like that moment when you finally complete that arduous task and experience the overwhelming sense of relief. It's as if a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders, and you can finally breathe again. You might let out a sigh of relief, break into a joyful dance, or simply collapse on the couch in sheer exhaustion. It's over, and you can finally relax.

Tender Mercies are New Every Morning

That's how I feel about God's tender mercies. Every morning when I wake up, I am filled with gratitude that my eyes open to a brand-new day. I take a deep breath, inhaling the fresh morning air, and I am reminded that God has bestowed His mercy upon me once again. It's a reminder that He has brought me through my burdens, whether they were caused by my own actions or circumstances beyond my control.

As flawed human beings, we often stumble and hurt those who are close to us. We say things we shouldn't, act out in anger, and make mistakes that leave us feeling guilty and ashamed. But there's something beautiful about experiencing the mercy and forgiveness of others. When someone looks beyond our faults and failures and still chooses to love us, it brings an indescribable sense of peace and comfort.

No Greater Love

Yet, God's loving kindness is even greater. His mercy knows no bounds. His love for us is unfathomable. Even when we were dead in our sins, completely unaware of Him or His presence, Christ died for us. It's a sacrifice that we can never fully comprehend or repay. But we can express our gratitude by acknowledging His tender mercies in our lives.

The Bible is filled with verses that speak to the depths of God's mercy and loving kindness. James 5:11 reminds us of the patience of Job and how the Lord is not only pitiful but also full of tender mercy. Lamentations 3:22-23 reassures us that it is because of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed. His compassions never fail; they are new every morning. No matter how challenging life may be, we can find solace in the fact that God's mercies are renewed each day.

Psalm 119:76-77 is a plea for God's merciful kindness to bring us comfort, while Exodus 34:6 proclaims the Lord's abundant goodness, truth, mercy, and grace. Ephesians 2:4-7 reminds us that God is rich in mercy and, through His great love, we have been saved and raised up with Christ.

These verses, among many others, serve as a reminder that God's mercies are never-ending. His love for us is immeasurable. Each day, we are recipients of His tender mercies, whether we fully realize it or not. It's a humbling thought that the Creator of the universe, the One who spoke galaxies into existence, cares for us with such compassion.

So, in those moments when life feels overwhelming, when the burdens seem too heavy to bear, remember the tender mercies of God. Take a deep breath and find solace in the knowledge that His mercies endure forever. Rest in His love, knowing that you are not alone. And let gratitude fill your heart


JAMES 5:11, PSALMS 119:76-77, EXODUS 34:6, EPHESIANS 2:4-7


1. Have you ever experienced the overwhelming relief that comes with completing a never-ending task?

2. How do you feel about God's tender mercies and how do they bring you comfort?

3. Why is it important to look beyond people's

faults and show mercy and love, as God does?

4. What are some Bible verses that speak about God's mercy and loving kindness, and what do they remind us of?

5. How can we show gratitude for God's mercy and grace in our lives?

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